Home entertainment Kevin Spacey Filming Again – Actor Appears in Italy

Kevin Spacey Filming Again – Actor Appears in Italy

Kevin Spacey Filming Again – Actor Appears in Italy

The two-time Academy Award winner disappeared from the public for years after sexual assault allegations. Kevin Spacey is now working on his return to Turin, Italy.

Four years after sexual assault allegations, American actor Kevin Spacey is working on his comeback. Filming for Franco Nero’s “L’uomo che disegnò Dio” began on Wednesday in Turin, northern Italy, with Spacey playing a supporting role, the production company announced. A statement highlighted the “big comeback of American cinema”.

The film, which translates to “The Man Who Drawn God,” is about a blind old man who has the gift of drawing pictures for everyone who hears his voice. His gift was known through a TV show that made him famous, but it also leads to envy and resentment. Spacey plays a detective who is “willing to do whatever it takes to get his name on the map,” says the movie synopsis.

Two-time Academy Award winner Spacey has nearly disappeared from the public eye since 2017 after several investigations into sexual assault against him were launched. But in July 2019, the charges against the “House of Cards” star on Netflix were dropped.

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