Two Bar Hits: Strong AS Yupan scored against Anderlecht

Yupen, who equalized for Cools shortly before the break, hit two crosses and one post after the break. The “Pandas” will be guests at next weekend’s Cavi McClellan, who lost 1-0 in the RFC Series on Saturday.

AS Eupen 1: 1 RSC Anderlecht

Against RSC Anderlecht, AS Yupen got off to a good start in front of 1,400 spectators, unchanged at 2: 2 against Club Bruce.

Two minutes later, Enkoi gave the first chance when Hendrik van Crombroz failed with a shot. When he returned to Kerwak, the former AS goalkeeper initially had more work to do than Manaf Nuruddin.

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Juban had chances, but the opponents scored: on their first chance, Anderlecht took the lead after 39 minutes. Nuruddin was unwell after a shot from Amusu and let the ball slide down his body. Raman made a slight “nut” before rolling the ball over the line. Like Bruges, Jupiter responded strongly to the goal: just seconds before the break, Cools scored to make it 1-1. Von Crombroos had previously saved a provocative title before Cools equalized.

Photo: David Hakeman

Anderlecht came out better from the dressing room: a few seconds after the break, Harwood hit the perfect record with his title. AS Uban, on the other hand, lost the opening goal an inch in the 55th minute when N’Toy hit the crossbar. Six minutes later, Juben was again unlucky: Peck hit the crossbar after Peters’ free kick.

Photo: David Hakeman

Juban was well organized in the second half, but kept the pins through good counter-attacks with the rest. In the 87th minute, the entry fell in the penalty area, but received no penalty.

Names & Facts

AS Uban:

Nuruddin – Beck, Amat, Akbato, Herris – N´Dri, Cools, Kaimbe, Peters – Ngoy (89. Embalo), Prevljak

Door: 0: 1 Raman (39.), 1: 1 Cools (45. + 1)

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