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Complete fossil of reconstructed pterosaurs

Complete fossil of reconstructed pterosaurs

sPolice officers had one in 2013 raid One of the country’s best preserved pterosaur skeletons has been confiscated in Brazil, along with other fossils illegally culled. Like a research group from the University of São Paulo in the magazine PLUS ONE mentioned, the fossils of pterosaurs consist of an almost complete complete skeleton, including the soft tissue remains along the bones.

fossil species Sailing Tubandactylus Embedded in six limestone slabs. Researchers working with Victor Beccari put the plates together and examined the fossils using computerized tomography, among other things. The analysis indicates that Sailing Tubandactylus Although there are certain requirements for flight, due to their long neck and limb proportions as well as a large vertex, they are more likely to move on land. The pterosaur, which lived 113 million years ago, had a wingspan of about 2.6 meters. His ornate wreath of feathers on his head was amazing.

Fossils of pterosaurs ain der Art Topandactylus sea.

Fossils of pterosaurs ain der Art Topandactylus sea.

Photo: dpa

In Brazil, fragments of pterosaurs have been repeatedly found and new species discovered. Important fossil deposits are the Ararib Basin in the northwest, where the confiscated specimen comes from, and the Parana Basin in the south. Before confiscation were only fossilized fragments of Sailing Tubandactylus have found.

Fossils of long-extinct species are regularly confiscated in raids aimed at the illegal trade, valued in the millions. In April, Brazil’s attorney general obtained that France must return about 1,000 items smuggled into Europe in containers from the northwestern state of Ceará without a permit.

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