Home Top News US Election 2020: Research in Arizona refutes Donald Trump’s theories on election fraud

US Election 2020: Research in Arizona refutes Donald Trump’s theories on election fraud

US Election 2020: Research in Arizona refutes Donald Trump’s theories on election fraud

unlike from Donald Trump There are allegations in the state of the United States Arizona There is no evidence of significant electoral fraud. show it Search by news agency News agency For all counties in the state. Accordingly, authorities identified only 182 incidents that were classified as serious enough to warrant further investigation.

So far, according to the Associated Press, charges have only been brought in four cases of alleged electoral fraud, including two Democratic and two Republican voters. No one has been convicted yet. Most of the cases identified involved voters who cast one vote for a deceased relative or people who attempted to cast two votes.

The news agency asked all 15 of Arizona’s counties to conduct the search, and so eleven of them recorded no potential wrongdoing whatsoever. The vast majority of potential electoral fraud cases come from Pima County, where cases are almost always referred to the attorney general for review if there are only vague indications.

In the case of the 2020 election, there have been 151 cases of possible electoral fraud, according to the Associated Press, most of which are attempts to cast two votes. This has not been successful in any of the cases being investigated.

Joe Biden was ahead in Arizona with 10,000 votes

A total of 3.4 million votes were cast in Arizona in last year’s US presidential election. Joe Biden She won the state by 10,400 votes, ahead of Donald Trump. In theory, the authorities may face more cases of potential election fraud, but this should not change the overall result.

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AP’s research supports the assessments of many local experts, courts, and politicians. “Election officials across the state are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of our elections and the public’s confidence in them,” said Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, a Democrat. Republicans such as Governor Doug Ducey have also repeatedly pointed out that the election was not rigged.

Donald Trump does not want to accept his defeat in the presidential election despite the enormous burden of proof. The Republican-controlled Senate has been investigating Maricopa County for months. Only one case of possible election fraud has been identified in the county so far. It was about a man who could vote in another country.

Trump is now on a tour of the United States again — and has made the lie of electoral fraud a kind of leitmotif for Republicans. Even in one of his last appearances in Ohio Repeat over and over.


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