Neibijto The Burmese military junta has suspended a crackdown on detainees and forced security forces to search homes without warrants. Reuters reports that he came to arrest seven well-known supporters of the Norwegian military coup. The announcement came at a time when people across the country were protesting against the military to seize power from the 1st Norse and elevate the Burmese peasantry to Aung San Suu Kyi.

People should report to the police if any of the desired seven are asleep. Their blood was a threat to punishment, an informed department of the military said.

Demonstration against

Seven people found themselves in the eyes of the military junta for commenting on social networks, which, according to military officials, could cause unrest and anxiety in the community. Min Ko Nain, a 58-year-old Burmese dissident on the list, was one of the key figures in the 1988 bloody protests and spent time between 1988 and 2012.

The announcement, signed by General E Aun Hline, who came to power after the coup, suspended the section on the protection of private citizens. For example, court approval is required to detain a person for less than 24 hours, search a home, and cause damage to private property during an intervention.

The military coup in Burma, which justified military fraud in the November elections, sparked massive protests in the streets for more than a decade and suffered convicted landslides. The United States responded to the coup by announcing sanctions against Pew organizers and companies affiliated with them. UN The High Commissioner for Human Rights called on the Security Council to impose sanctions. According to a recent report, about 350 people have been killed since the coup in Burma.

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