Trump's image should not be missing: the White House makes lavish decorations

Trump’s photo shouldn’t be missing
The White House presents sumptuous decorations

Among all the crises, there is still room for the Christmas mood. This year’s White House Christmas decorations are not lacking in pomp and abundance. There is also a familiar face among the fir trees and garlands: a portrait of a former chief adorns the tree.

It’s Christmas time at the White House: This year’s Christmas decorations were presented at US Government House with 41 spruce trees, numerous garlands and wreaths, and tens of thousands of lights. The theme for this year’s decoration is “gifts from the heart,” as first lady Jill Biden’s office announced.

You and President Joe Biden have wished all Americans “happy, healthy, and happy holidays.” “May gifts from the heart light our way forward as we face a new year full of opportunity,” said the first lady. Over 100 volunteers put Christmas decorations on the building and the White House within a week. Over 1,800 meters of tape was used, 300 candles were erected and more than 78,750 fairy lights were installed.

On Thursday, Biden, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Douglas Imhoff, will festively light the “National Christmas Tree.” The Christmas tree, a nearly 100-year-old tradition, is located in Ellips Park between the White House and the Washington Monument. It will also be open to the public from Saturday.

Trump’s husband in a golden frame

Even former US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House – at least in the form of a Christmas tree portrait of his successor, Joe Biden. The gold-framed portrait of Trump and his wife Melania is part of the signature Christmas decoration. There are also portraits of former US presidents and their wives from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama hanging on the state’s Christmas tree banqueting room.

The fact that the Trumps were honored by the couple could be seen as an offer of reconciliation at Christmas. Biden and Trump fought a bitter campaign for the presidency last year. Republican Trump has not conceded his electoral defeat to this day and continues to propagate the often-disproved conspiracy theory about alleged widespread electoral fraud.

The Trumps also rejected Biden’s traditional invitation to tea at the White House before the new president takes office – a clear break from tradition. However, the controversy was not reflected in this year’s White House Christmas decorations. Trump’s photos have also been published elsewhere in the White House.

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