Home Top News Potato Ginger Sausage “Germany’s tastiest idea”

Potato Ginger Sausage “Germany’s tastiest idea”

Potato Ginger Sausage “Germany’s tastiest idea”

With his idea of ​​“potato kebab sausage”, a kabab shop owner won against nine other food start-ups on the Vox show “Germany’s most delicious idea”. The candidate was afraid of not being able to understand properly because he was about to R.D.L. Says.

Buy potato kebab sausage at the supermarket

“Chicken Sausage with Potatoes, Burmese Suzuki (Like Garlic Sausage) and Lettuce”. This is a description of “Al Hey Potato Toner Broadworst” in the Reeve online store, which can be purchased at 3600 markets and online starting Monday. Inventor and kabab shop owner Honey Alhai could not believe his success and struggled with tears after the awards ceremony.

Honey Alhey: The tasters understood the message

“I was afraid they wouldn’t understand me,” Honey Alhai asked. But the tasters understood his message, he insists. He did not win, but the kabab shop owner says “love”, he cried tears and held his winning bouquet in hand. In addition, he did not win anything. As he reveals after the broadcast, it was “the first time in his life.”

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