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Bremen – before starting, Ole Werner took a moment – what should be, should be – quietly poured a glass of water. After all, he should be well aware that in the next few minutes he will have to ask for his voice. That’s how it happened. SV Werder Bremen’s new head coach answered questions from reporters for about 40 minutes during his official presentation on Monday afternoon.

The 33-year-old took a stand on various topics in a calm, realistic tone. Ole Werner Talked about. . .

… his dedication to Werder Bremen

Loved him in the summer Werter Bremen Already, it worked in the fall: the start after coach Marcus resigned Ole Werner In charge of the second division in the future. “It simply came to our notice then New head coach Looking, I quickly realized that I wanted to deal with it, “Werner explained, who quickly won by conversations with the club – and who is proud to be its head coach:” Since I entered football, from a young age, Werder represents a kind of attacking and courageous football. It’s something I can identify well with. That’s how I want my team to play. “

… Promotion of Werder Bremen

It’s a word in the code among those responsible for Werder – but of course it was Ole Werner He asked if the fans still dream of promotion with him. His response: “Our job is to improve the team and bring a consistent line on the field. This is always the main focus of a coach. “After the challenge, it didn’t really look that way, it’s right after coming to power, especially in the current game situation (when he was tenth) Werter Bremen Eight points behind third place) but was probably a bit brave. Werner expressed in other sentences that he firmly believed in the basic quality of Werder. “I think we have a good team. The staff make a good impression on me. Everyone wants to get involved together.”

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Vaccine scandal by Marcus Anfang

Ole Werner And Marcus Anfang know each other well. As Werter Bremen’s new head coach Yet a second Holstein oversaw the hinge team, taking charge of his direct predecessor hinge specialists in Bremen. Initially accused of using a fake vaccine certificate, Werner said, “I found out from the media that I immediately believed there was nothing in it,” and did not want to comment on the case. “In the beginning, Werner wanted to talk about football issues because he could certainly benefit from the work of a former Werder coach. He relied primarily on a 4-3-3 formation, as he had in the beginning.

… his football idea

Of course, general round introductions should not turn into tactical training, which is explained outline Ole Werner But he wants his team to know how to function. “My approach is that as a team we want to determine what’s going on on the field.” From the coach’s point of view, “clear structure in possession of the ball” and constant questions in the minds of all experts: “Where are the numbers? How do we want to get there? How do you develop a dynamic from this?” To be ”and puts more emphasis.

… SV Werder Bremen Team

Ole Werner Is on Werter Bremen The fourth new coach in the fourth game, he will oversee Werder’s second division team. Therefore, it is obvious that the players are currently full of security. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old noticed a “very positive and enthusiastic mood” on the first day at work. Normally Monday would have been free, but Werner decided against it because he wanted to be on the field soon with his new team. “It simply came to our notice then. So it’s my job to give the team a clear way to get back to work, “Werner added.” I look forward to it. “However, he did not want to rush anything. His goal: “Good work usually leads to good results, and then you can move on to better areas of the table.”

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… his vaccine status

Usually, the coach would not have asked about it at the press conference. From the beginning of the fall, nothing in this case was normal Werter Bremen. “So I was shown to have been vaccinated twice, and I have not yet received the booster vaccine,” Werner said, adding that he had already submitted his vaccination certificate to the association.

… as a genre

The inner sigh was heard almost before Ole Werner At the request of the self-explanation. “Talking about you is always a rewarding task,” he began paradoxically, but then he complied with the request: “I am someone who wants to be open, approachable and conversational. I’m interested in the opinions of others, yet in the end I want to make decisions. Can get used to. “

… Westerstadion at Werter Bremen’s home games

He was on a tour tour with a group of young people from Holstein Keel a long time ago. But not since then, why Ole Werner Almost embarrassingly admitted: “I’m not playing as a player or coach here. To my shame, I have to admit I did not go to any other game at Weserstadion.” Well, that will change soon. Werner is looking forward to “enjoying the atmosphere on site.” Hoping the fans will come and see what happens Werter Bremen And co. Not yet safe in the current epidemic situation.

… his comfort zone

After a total of 15 years with the Holstein hinge Ole Werner His comfort zone with change Werter Bremen Let go, he sees it that way. “There are always pros and cons to being a coach at home club,” he says. At the hinge he knew “everything is everything” and now he has to get used to a lot of new things. “But in my work it becomes clear that you will not work on your own doorstep for the rest of your life.” (Dco)

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