Steven Godgen in deer costume was instantly recognized by many fans.

Steven Godgen in deer costume was instantly recognized by many fans.Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

“The Masked Singer – The Enigmatic Christmas Show” is a special TV highlight on Boxing Day on ProSieben. In the unique event, only three stars in costume competed with each other, with the deer dropping its mask first. This is where presenter Steven Godgen hid himself, he had already seen a large number of visitors on Twitter – and that’s why his voice was unmistakable.

The advisory board, on the other hand, plunged itself into losses, adding names like Joko Windersheid, Stephen Gretzschmer or Thomas Gretzman to the board. After all, the faces of Rhea Carvey, Ruth Moshner and guest Andrea Svatsky were correspondingly long when the mask fell off.

Rhea Carvey was stunned after the revelation of Steven Godgen

Special edition pre-booked. A few hours before the broadcast, it was rumored that some fans at the venue would like to recognize Joko Windersheit. But then things changed and Godzilla became a reindeer. After the first few bars he was targeted by many on the network.

However, an experienced advisory board of all individuals did not even have the popular ProSieben face on the bill. Rhea was very cold and shocked by this revelation:

“That’s not right! You’re one of us.”

Even Ruth Moshner, who is very talented and creative in her theories, does not think of Godzine, although she recently appeared live on the show, Rhea indirectly mentioned it through her announcement. “What’s wrong with the jury?” Asked one fan on Twitter.

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In defending the guessing team, it can be said that the Christmas show only happens once – there are many options to guess Ruth, Rhea and guest celebrities during the regular seasons. Still, Gätjen was very clear as a reindeer. Above all: Mickey Cross was recognized by the Advisory Board as a gift and Yvonne Gatterfeld as a duck.



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