Towards an RNA messenger vaccine for prevention?

The team of infectious disease specialist Erol Vikrig at Yale University is said to have developed an effective vaccine against this disease transmitted by tick bites. The technology used is the same as the Covid vaccines

Joint, nerve or skin disorders, can be a sequelae of a tick bite if the infection is not treated quickly. Lyme disease is a real scourge that was diagnosed especially in France between 2015 and 2018. In twenty years, 360 thousand cases were registered. A team from Yale University has found a preventative solution to stop it: a messenger RNA vaccine, according to reports “international mail”.

The study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, was conducted by a team of infectious disease specialist Erol Vikrig. This vaccine has so far been tested on guinea pigs, and will be effective, according to New Scientist. “It will quickly detect a tick bite, thanks to the redness at the site of the bite and possible itching,” explains the academic on humans. Early detection allows appropriate antibiotics to be given as soon as possible to prevent infection.

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Yale University is not alone in the ranks of this vaccine. In July, Pfizer and Valneva announced that they had started the second phase of their project. New Aquitaine is particularly affected by Lyme disease.

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