Too beautiful for the PS5 and Xbox series?  The unreal video looks almost realistic

With increased performance and better-than-ever engines and tools, many video games today offer an increasingly realistic graphics experience. A 3D artist shows that you can get more out of it. Using the Unreal Engine, create an environment that is almost indistinguishable from reality.

Epic Games

Unreal Engine 5: The video shows what you can get from the program

The 3D environment artist theme leaves netizens speechless. He released a video of it Replica of a train station in Toyama, Japan Shows – Created with the Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games.

To display it, a subject decided to show his video in portrait form. So it gives the impression That someone is standing on the stage and taking a photo with a smartphone. In a nearly 3-minute video, he shows part of the platform including the connecting pedestrian bridge in different lighting conditions and at different times of the day – and in stunning detail. Sounds like cicadas and footsteps compliment everything and give the viewer the feeling of being there.

You can see it for yourself in his video:

Unreal Engine 5: Not even exhausted all possibilities

Below his video, the 3D artist explains that he used the lighting system for his video to create particularly realistic lighting conditions. However, he dispensed with the engine’s Nanite system. Nanite is mainly used to automatically adjust the LoD (Level of Detail) for high-resolution models and models. If the user is too close to the form, it will automatically display with more details. The submissive artist preferred to do the work himself and only made the exception of vegetation.

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Quixel Megascans is used for this purpose, a library of realistic objects and textures found in the Unreal Engine, created with the help of take photo Created – that is, photographed and scanned from real objects. Another factor that goes into realism is that the movement of the character in the first person perspective is controlled by VR – Motion Tracking It was created. However, the video was not recorded in real time – on a computer of the highest performance class, the video is displayed at about 7 frames per second, but according to the topic optimization it will certainly be possible.

The artist garnered a lot of praise in the comments below the video, and VR fans in particular were excited:

“Wonderful! If this was done in virtual reality, it would be the most terrifying horror game without a ghost. Only the eerie sound and confusing sense of reality you perceive — real and unreal at the same time,” Arturias writes.

Not virtual reality, but adventure and action: both the new Tomb Raider and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game will be Developed with Unreal Engine 5 – And of course the next The Witcher game. Let’s see what they have to offer next.

What are Nanite, Lumen & Co.? We show you this in our hands-on review:

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