This star is hoping to meet her

Angela Merkel’s reign ends on December 8th. Her successor, Olaf Schultz, was elected and sworn in. But what does Federal Chancellor A. D. With your spare time? One of the dignitaries hopes to meet her on vacation.

It was for 16 years Angela Merkel The Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany has not run for re-election for the fifth time and her successor is the Christian Democratic Union Armin Laschet Can’t stand against opponent SPDAnd Olaf Schulze, push through. The Traffic Lights Alliance Sign the coalition agreement on December 7, and Schulz will now be elected as the new Federal Chancellor of the Bundestag, and then by the President of the Bundestag Purple Bass (Social Democratic Party) was sworn in. And Merkel? What are you going to do with the time available soon?

Reinhold Messner hopes to meet Merkel on vacation

climber Reinhold Messner You have an idea, have an idea, I have an idea. Because he is looking forward to seeing Merkel again after her term ends. The politician had been vacationing in South Tyrol in the summer for years.

“I think she will come back and then we will get together and go hiking together again,” the well-known adventurer and writer said in an interview with the German news agency DPA. With the counselor and her husband Joachim Sauer He stated that the 77-year-old had been meeting for more than ten years.

“I’d rather go for a walk with her now than before.”

Meissner is pleased that in the future he will not be with a prime minister, but with a retired politician. “When she’s out of stress, I’d rather go with her for walks than before,” he said. Then you will no longer feel that you are being watched by people. Even if the trips with him were “always peaceful and with a lot of respect,” Messner said.

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Messner said he brought Merkel to the northern Italian province of South Tyrol as a vacation spot. He met her before her time in the Chancellery,” and she asked me, “Where can I go on vacation in peace in the mountains?” “You always dreamed of going to the mountains and you couldn’t do it in the GDR.”


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