Roadmap for 2022 shows a new star system and more •

What you can expect in Everspace 2 in 2022, developer Rockfish is now using the new roadmap.

With the new roadmap, Rockfish Games gives developers a first impression of what awaits you in Everspace 2 in 2022.

The studio is getting a little closer to the things gamers of the Access and Xbox Game Pass releases can expect next year.

Spring fight

In the planned spring update, there should be a third subclass of light fighters, as well as improvements in crafting, handling, collecting or processing raw materials.

New equipment, more story content, perks, and challenges are also being considered. For the international community, there is also a user interface and text support for German and a number of other languages.

Lots of new content awaits you in Everspace 2 in 2022.

Big things in summer

The “biggest update yet” for Everspace 2 continues this summer, and it includes the new Drake star system. Here three factions fight for supremacy. If you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire, you should remain inconspicuous.

Moreover, the environment does not make life easy for you, for example in the form of lava heaters on the planet Mota. On the water planet Gilbert, you have to monitor the water pressure while diving.

The end of the game in the fall

In the fall, part of the final game content will be updated again. These include ancient rifts, where you search for legendary equipment and face new challenges. This mechanic, which you know from other thief titles, is supposed to take an “interesting turn” in Everspace 2.

“The best is yet to come!” Says Rockfish CEO and Co-Founder Michael Schade. “We have an ambitious plan for 2022 and will work hard to maintain our leadership position in combat and space exploration and deliver a solid game with the full game release in early 2023.”

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