On Tuesday, the FDP elected Carina Konrad, a member of the Bundestag from the Rhineland-Palatinate, to chair the parliamentary committee. He is really looking forward to the new mission, Conrad explained. In the future, he will be responsible for the “Sustainability through Innovation” working group, which covers areas such as food and agriculture, the environment, construction, the digital agenda, local politics and transportation.

The trained Agricultural Engineer was the Vice-Chairman of the Food and Agriculture Committee and the spokesperson for his Committee on Grape Cultivation Policy during the last Legislative Assembly. During the coalition talks for the Ambel government, Conrad chaired his party’s Agriculture and Food Working Group.

“As an agrarian politician I have now been given the responsibility of this task force, proving once again that agriculture is important to independent democrats,” Conrad said after his election. Your team wants to strengthen and improve agriculture, said Conrad. “It has to be entrepreneurial and certified and finally get the long-awaited planning protection,” he said.

During the last legislature, Frank Citta of Saxony-Anholt was in charge of agriculture on the FDP parliamentary committee. He did not run in the 2021 federal election.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to the FDP, elections for special speakers should be ready by next week. In the last legislature, Zero Hawker of Lower Saxony was the FDP agricultural spokesman. He can keep the office. He was part of the Agriculture and Food Working Group on coalition negotiations.

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MPs have elected Christian Derry from Lower Saxony as the new chairman of the FDP’s parliamentary committee. The 44-year-old is set to replace former parliamentary committee chairman Christian Lindner as federal finance minister on Wednesday.


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