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The “wedding at first sight” bride Selena was very beautiful

selena She attracted everyone’s attention with her wedding at first sight! Aachen woman married Oldenburger as part of the TV experiment Michael Without seeing him even once. When they first met in front of the altar, Lower Saxony only had to look twice. The bridal party was also apparently totally excited about the bridal look. no wonder! selenas The outfit really can be seen!

As evidenced by the current episode of the show, the 26-year-old chose a low-cut wedding dress with lots of lace on her wedding day. Not only on the chest, but also on the back selena look deep: The back was almost cut up to her waist. In addition, she chose natural make-up and an uncomplicated hairstyle. She wore her hair slightly wavy and decorated with a romantic wreath.

as Michael selena I saw him for the first time, it left him speechless. “She looks like a little princess. […] It looks really good.”enthusiastic 30-year-old. The football fan had previously emphasized that his wife’s appearance is very important to him.

“Wedding at First Sight” from November 3 every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Saturday 1

Selena and Michael at a wedding at first sight in 2021
Selena and Michael at a wedding at first sight in 2021
Selena and Michael at their wedding
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