The tuner is out in full: Is there a GZSZ love comeback?

After Emily broke up with Paul, Toner settled with her more and more. It comes as it should come. They approach in the GZSZ.

Written by Matthew Konert

Berlin – The relationship between Tuner and Emily is now half an age ago and yet it could be so GZSZ (Mon-Fri 7.40pm on RTL or upon request at RTL +Come back to love. The two are getting close!

Tuner (left) is overwhelmed by his old feelings for Emily and tries to kiss her. © RTL

As a reminder, even before Emily met Typhoon, she had to choose between two men: the loving tuner and Gerner’s son Patrick Graf.

In the end I settled on Genius Coffee Tuner. But the relationship did not last long. They were very different.

But what connects both of them is their daughter Kate. Since Emily fired Poole after his infidelity, he has thrived on being a father.

GZSZ Suite: This series favorite returns to Kolle-Kiez in early March
GZSZ . Preview
GZSZ Suite: This series favorite returns to Kolle-Kiez in early March

“Since Emily and Paul have separated for a while and Tuner is there for Emily and daughter Kate so much, Tuner falls in love with the idea of ​​a healthy, idyllic family. Once again he wants to have his own family and now that seems to come in handy,” explains GZSZ star Thomas Drechsel at RTL interview.

Paul wants to draw a line, but he knows Emily still has feelings for him and so he doesn’t give up yet. The founder of Vlederbag simply cannot forgive him. The Upcycling Buddy isn’t entirely innocent in this. Ironically, his best friend is playing the wrong game.

Paul (left) can't trust his best friend who tuned in to all people through tough times.

Paul (left) can’t trust his best friend who tuned in to all people through tough times. © RTL/Rolf Baumgartner

But what are the odds of love returning? “Personally, I can well imagine it. Emily was Toner’s first love and is the mother of his daughter. So what could be more appropriate?”

Spoiler warning:

As Emily and Toner remember, her ex-boyfriend is overwhelmed with his feelings. While chatting excitedly about the series “Lovers and Lies,” they get close to each other. Then her tuner pulls her up and tries to kiss her. But there is no true love story.

“Emily rejects it and Tuner himself can’t believe what just happened, because one thing is certain: he didn’t do it out of reckoning,” the actor explains.

The GZSZ actor doesn’t seem to have written off the love reunion completely. “Anything is possible. When you know each other as you do, sometimes it’s just a small step to finding happiness in what’s so close.”

If the tuner has been like the loyal soul of Kolle-Kiez lately, not only long-time fans of GZSZ will get acquainted with a new side of their beloved. “I’ve been with GZSZ for 13 years now and I can tell you: I’ve never tried synths like this. At the moment, playing my part is a huge challenge for me. I had so much fun with these new tuners to see and work on aspects of the tuners. I am happy to surprise people in front of TV with it.”

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