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The horror scene continues in a completely new way · KINO.de

The horror scene continues in a completely new way · KINO.de

For five years, “Conjuring” fans had to wait for the next installment of the main series. It should be significantly different, but darker than the previous ones.

So far, “Conjuring” films reliably fall into the “Haunted House” category: ghost hunter couple Lauren (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) twice tackle a cursed house with supernatural power. Conjuring 3: Under the Devil’s Magic However, this success formula will unlock.

New proves this as well Movie trailer:

The Conjuring 3 – English Trailer

“Conjuring 3: Under the Spell of the Devil” is not about the visit, but again about a very exciting case of the real Warrens. It all starts with the struggle for the boy’s soul, but then the series splits into a whole new territory: at the heart of the movie is a man who is tried for murder. However, he claims he was possessed at the time of the crime. According to the “Conjuring” mind of James Wan (trans disgustingThis was the first case in US history in which a defendant offered such an excuse for committing a murder.

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The new director wants to make “Conjuring 3” the darkest part of the series

However, fans have to do without the directorial work of James Wan this time, as he is only involved as a producer in the horror movie. Instead, Michael Chaves, who was able to prove himself as a director in the 2019 spin-off “Lloronas Fluch” “Conjuring”, took to the stage. According to Chavez, his role will be the “darkest” in the series (trans Scenario). Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are back in front of the camera, of course. Additionally, there has to be a flashback to the Warns family life, as the two were reincarnated in younger years by Megan Ashley Brown and Mitchell Hogg.

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“Conjuring 3: Under the Spell of the Devil” is one of the many works that should have been postponed due to the Coronavirus. In fact, the horror movie should start in September 2020, the current German theatrical release is located in 3. June 2021. It remains to be seen whether the release can take place this time as planned. Then, of course, the horror world shouldn’t end: “The Nun 2” has been planned along with another show called “The Crooked Man”. If the third installment of the main series is successful enough, “Conjuring 4” shouldn’t stand in the way either.

How much interest have you been in horror so far? Try your memory:

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