Giovanni Zarella was completely amazed at his ZDF presentation.

© Screenshot: ZDF

Giovanni Zarella experienced anxious seconds at his big show ZDF when an unexpected guest suddenly entered the stage and interrupted the show.

MUNICH – Giovanni Zarrella returned to ZDF on Saturday evening to host the next edition of his new prime-time evening show. Schlager fans got their money’s worth, as did German Poppers fans like Revolverhold or Max Giesinger. However, Zarella, especially with Schlager stars, introduced one Italian-German duo or the other, causing storms of cheers among the audience in the hall.

Giovanni Zarella was completely amazed at his own show: an unexpected guest suddenly stormed the stage

One of them was definitely a duet with Ben Zucker. In “Great Time,” Zarrella conjured up a real fire show with a burning piano on the TV stage. After the performance, they both visibly and audibly pulled themselves on the speaking sofa and needed a moment to gather themselves before resuming the conversation. But when the time came, a big surprise awaited Giovanni Zarella, which he clearly did not expect at all.

As the host engages in conversation with Ben Zucker, a man in a black suit suddenly enters the stage of the big show, and the two directors exit to the left and right of the sofa area leading into the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen: We have to interrupt the program briefly at this point,” he said to the guarded cheers of the audience. Zarrella is quite amazed and looks confused at the camera.

ZDF’s Giovanni Zarrella surprised: The video greeting from Italy is exciting

“I’m so sorry,” said the surprised guest. Then Zarella finally recognizes him, jumps up and laughs out loud. “That’s Mark Keeler,” half ask Ben Zucker’s direction. And in fact, it’s the actor and singer who’s driving him here on the ice.

Mark Keeler surprises Giovanni Zarella on ZDF.

© Screenshot: ZDF

But in the end, the scene takes a very nice turn for Zarella, because Keeler didn’t come empty-handed. It presented the host with large double platinum framed awards for CD sales for his two albums.

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Zarella seems relieved, but still very upset. Then Keeler picks him up again and offers the following surprise: suddenly a video welcome message from Italy national football team captain Giorgio Chiellini is played. He congratulates Zarrella on his new program and says it will also be supported in Italy. “Guys, what are you doing to me,” Zarella said, happy conclusion. (rjs)


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