The fifth wave continues to decline in Occitanie, but the epidemic is

The Covid-19 epidemic is losing steam in Occitanie, as in the rest of the country. The number of daily new cases and hospitalizations is decreasing. But infection rates are still very high and deaths are still unfortunate in hospitals.

Will the fifth wave of Covid-19 – finally – stop soon? The regional health agency of Occitanie says: The trend of the epidemic is quite clear “on the decline” in the side. But even if the indications are somewhat encouraging, ‘The epidemic is not over’ insist on ARs. Together, let’s evaluate the latest numbers.

Infection rates are still “Very high in all sections of the area” According to the ARS. Hautes-Pyrénées has the highest number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with an infection rate of 2368. They are followed by Aveyron (2,253.7) and Gears (2,246.4).

The average infection rate in Occitanie is 1,814 cases per 100,000 population.

On the screening front, the positivity rate continues its decline that started two weeks ago, but it is still high. 31.6% of the tests conducted in the region tested positive, roughly one in three.

On average last week, 14,692 new cases were identified per day.

In the hospital, the decline continues there as well: 2,742 people were hospitalized on February 15. 299 of them have been admitted to intensive care or intensive care units.

But deaths are still recorded in hospitals: 105 people have died of Covid in the past four days.

That is why the regional health agency is calling not to do so “Relax our wake” In the face of the epidemic, urges residents to continue to respect the barrier gestures. These are useful against Covid-19 and also against various winter viruses.

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