Home Economy The exemption limit of €22 drops for parcels from China

The exemption limit of €22 drops for parcels from China

The exemption limit of €22 drops for parcels from China

Exact import tariffs for third countries are currently being planned and cannot be published until July, according to the email website.

In the example of calculating a mobile phone cover “Made in ChinaAt 3.00 euros, the total cost is 12.20 euros. In this case, the import tariff is set at 5.00 euros.


If the customer had to be contacted and the missing documents had to be presented, then there is a so-called customs hurdle according to the post. Examples include the lack of evidence of the value of the shipment or the absence of an unreasonable value of the goods. “If there is a customs impediment, there is an additional administrative effort. The processing and storage fees for this will be billed,” the Post explains online. The company does not list the amount of the impending fee.

The Post warns that even if you order from a mail order company in the European Union, the goods may come from a third country such as China Come. If you refuse to accept, there will be no additional costs and the shipment will be returned to the sender.

So far, no import sales tax has been levied on parcels of €22. However, many shippers have succeeded in this China Or other countries intentionally stated lower value of the goods so that you don’t have to pay import sales tax. According to the Ministry of Finance, in the past three quarters of all parcels with a value of less than 22 euros, a very low value has been given to the goods.

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