Home Economy 48-year-old was the victim of a PlayStation scam

48-year-old was the victim of a PlayStation scam

48-year-old was the victim of a PlayStation scam

Region URFAHR-UMGEBUNG / OÖ. A 48-year-old man from the Urfahr-Umgebung district ordered a PlayStation 5 which he ordered from an online store but paid for.

The man received a link from a co-worker through which he was redirected to the “GameStop” online store. Game console and controller are on order from www.gamestop.com at €529.98. He transferred the amount to a German account.

Since the 48-year-old did not receive the goods he ordered, he decided to file a complaint on the advice of his home bank. At the time of filing the complaint, the account to which the man transferred his money was already inactive; Home page disappeared after payment.

Police warn of scammers

The scam is not new and the man from Urfahr-Umgebung is not the only victim. Scammers usually act as follows: Play Station PS5 is offered for immediate purchase via a link created on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The console is currently unavailable due to high demand in free trade. This link does not take you to the actual home page of the online store GameStop.de (this company has been in existence for years and mainly sells game accessories), but to the “mock store” GameStop.com, which is clearly used for fraudulent activity.

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