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Cologne – Leipzig: The Invisible 24th Man – Sports

Cologne – Leipzig: The Invisible 24th Man – Sports

On the other side of the Rhine in the Deutsche district, Robert Hartman sighed with relief as Felix Bryce put an end to the scene at 8:22 p.m. The video referee was working hard in his basement. His intelligent eye and his advice were constantly listened to, he was the invisible 24th man on the field and an ever-leading figure, Cologne spectators dedicated minutes to whistling at him, but they also welcomed his verdicts.

If the video judge denies or suspects four of the five goals scored, he can gain a reputation that spoils the game and capture the purpose of his existence. But it’s thanks to Hartman. 1. The match between FC Cologne and RB Leipzig ended 1: 1 and a great football game had a fair end. He fixed what needed to be corrected and by doing so helped the field referees at least a couple of times without embarrassment.

Only two goals – it almost seems like a joke

In addition, both teams had enough space to shape the decision in their favor. Two goals were a bad ending, which was as exciting as a final game and rushed from the start to the end without a breather from the chance to score. The coronation took place in the third minute of the coronation, with Cologne’s Sebastian Anderson and Andrzej Duda giving up two chances in seconds, one of which was 99 percent and the other 100 percent. How Duda was able to shoot goalkeeper Peter Gulasi instead of shooting towards the empty goal will keep him busy for a long time. A Cologne would have deserved a win, but no less than a Leipzig win, the draw was the best solution.

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The game does not require a run to get faster and faster. The first goal came five minutes later, but the foundation at Duets confirmed the assistant’s decision at the stadium – Dominic Sophosloy triggered the minimum offside after Danny Olmo’s pass. Three minutes later, Christopher Enkungu finished with a shot against a great solo post, the Cologne defense waved anxiously, but they did not fall and they received support from the Cologne attack, which abruptly changed the game for the other half.

Duda also hit the goal post, and in the first few minutes the unilateral Leipzig attack turned into a one-on-one exchange between the two sides — a game to the taste of two attack-loving coaches and 25,000 eyewitnesses. Total footballAs the Dutch say. It went at high speed until the break whistle, in between Mark Ooth scored a goal, no need to discuss getting it back: assistants Anthony Modeste was sidelined.

The first half was strong. The second is even stronger

The first half had already provided excellent entertainment, and the Leipzigs seemed to have a little more weight, cylinders and horsepower, but other qualities based on the colon – these were by no means the means of outsiders. But the second half in the same style should be even better.

Modestay was 1-0, which did not count (offside, close) and Modestay’s another 1-0, which initially did not count for both, but after extensive testing on Hartmann’s advice and Bryce’s screen it was legally announced (54 min): Mohamed attacked Simon from Leipzig on penalties, This seemed illegal at first glance, but not at third and fourth glance.

Video referee in Cologne: As never before in his life: Timo Horn (right) defended against Dominic Sophosloy.

His life lasted forever: Timo Horn (right) defended against Dominic Sophosloy.

(Photo: Martin Meissner / AB)

Substitute Emil Forsberg (67th) scored the next goal, the stadium announcer had already declared a 1-1 draw and both teams started, but again there was a reasonable objection, again with a single-footed (here foreburg) sidelined tower. What an evening. After 1: 1 four minutes against Amado Haidara’s relatively normal title rocket, no one objected.

Finally, this game also created a heroic story. As the team players lost their strength, Cologne goalkeeper Timo Horn became stronger and stronger and threw the ball one after the other to the now dominating Leipzigs and ruined the reward of their run. He delivered the culmination of his actions just in time for the final match of a personal fight with Szoboszlai. FC coach Stephen Palmcord went straight to the horn after the final whistle to pay his respects to the goalkeeper.

It’s only 1: 1, you might think when you look at the result. But that 1: 1 is no less exciting than a 5: 4 or 4: 5.


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