Mandy Capristo (31) talks about their mysterious partnership. The musician surprised his fans with this great news only on Valentine’s Day: he announced his new relationship by sharing the first couple photo online. The former Monroe singer has been in a long-term relationship with an Italian businessman and lives in her homeland with her boyfriend. Chat well Mandy On a TV show about their new love.

In fact, Beauty has kept her personal life private, but decided to make her relationship public. In today’s episode Van Grill betrayed Hensler Mandy When presenter Laura Vondora (32) asked them, the action was very spontaneous. “Sometimes you have to do things out of feeling and not think about it for long.”

But that does not mean the 31-year-old was acquitted of the cross-examination. This time the host was Stephen Hensler, 48, who wanted to get some information about the man next to him. “Mandy, is that really a football player? Die Laura “It simply came to our notice then.The cook asked straight out. But still Mantis The answer can’t be clear: “What! Never again.” The musician had been in a relationship with professional footballer Mesut Ozil (32) for a few years, and a relationship with an athlete was enough for her.

Monty Capristo in “Grill Den Hensler”
Mandy Capristo with her boyfriend

Instagram / mandycapristo

Mandy Capristo with her boyfriend
“Grill Den Hensler” 2021 Singer Monty Capristo
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