The Eiffel Tower will reopen to the public on July 16

The Iron Lady reopens her doors. The operator of the Eiffel Tower, closed since October 30, 2020 due to the health crisis, has announced that it will be available again from July 16, at 50% scale in its elevators. The capacity will reach 10,000 visitors per day this summer, the same level of attendance as in the summer of 2020, compared to 25,000 before the crisis, according to Sete (the Eiffel Tower operator).

The ticket office will reopen on June 1, said Sete president, Jean-Francois Martins, who is betting on two-thirds of bookings online. The physical sale of tickets at the foot of the memorial, one of the world’s busiest activities in the pre-Covid era, will still be possible when it reopens.

All floors will be accessible to the public, except for a few building areas, especially the second floor.

The project has been suspended since the beginning of February due to the effects of lead above the regulatory limit, and the paint project in progress will not be resumed until the fall, which is the time to complete studies and choose from among the techniques. Lowest leadJean-Francois Martins explained.

At the time of re-opening, “There will be no more paint and the tower will be completely disinfected and cleaned.”He confirmed that 70 samples are taken weekly.

Despite the efforts made Reducing fixed costs And the massive resort to partial unemployment, the operator expects for the year 2021 to lose about 70 million euros, after announcing in March a deficit of 52 million for 2020.

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