Premier League - Klopp qualifies for the Champions League:

Burnley (AP) – Liverpool climbed to fourth on the table with a 3-0 (1-0) victory over Burnley in the Premier League and now has a good chance of beating Crystal Palace in the Champions League qualification. Sunday League.

“We’re back on the right track,” said Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp after the win away. “I honestly couldn’t be happier.”

Just a few weeks ago, Klopp had doubts that the Reds would continue to reach First Division. The 53-year-old admitted, “I never expected that.” “I heard we got to the top four on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, because we haven’t won many matches since then.”

Roberto Firmino, Nat Phillips and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain ensured the apparent success of Burnley in the penultimate round. Because of the better goal difference, Liverpool beat Leicester City, tied by points, from the top four. Both teams have 66 points and 66 goals to their name. The Reds conceded 42 goals, four fewer than Leicester (46). Third in the table is FC Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, with 67 points and a goal difference, which is a goal worse than Club-Elf.

Liverpool will play Crystal Palace at home at Anfield on the last day of the match, Leicester will host Tottenham Hotspur, while Chelsea are at Aston Villa. Klopp said: “If we win on Sunday, it depends on the result in Leicester or Chelsea, we will probably qualify for the Champions League.” “It’s crazy that we’re close to that, but we’re not done yet. If you win the semi-finals, you’ll reach the final. And here we are, and we’re going to give absolutely everything to win that too.”

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