It is said that Barack Obama rudely insulted Donald Trump
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It is said that Obama crudely insulted Trump

Barack Obama (right) hands over to Donald Trump Barack Obama (right) hands over to Donald Trump

Barack Obama (right) hands over to Donald Trump

Coyle: PA / dpa / Michael Reynolds

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It is known that they cannot turn away from each other. But while Obama backed away from public criticism during Trump’s tenure as president of the United States, he is said to have found clear words behind the scenes. A journalist has now published it in a new book.

DrFormer US President Barack Obama is said to have made clear obscene words about his successor, Donald Trump. This was revealed in a new book by journalist Edward Isaac Dovery, which will be released next week. The British “guardian” And other media already have quotes from the fiction book. “The Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump“Was released.

In it, the long-time “Atlantic” journalist describes private conversations between Democrat Obama and his advisers during the Republican Trump’s tenure. Accordingly, Obama described him, among other things, as “crazy” and “racist and sexist pig”.

It is known that Trump hated Obama and spread conspiracy theories about his election as president. He also claimed that Obama is ineligible for the position.

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Political journalist Duffer wrote in his book that Obama initially favored Trump as the presidential candidate within the Republican Party in 2017 – and the prospect of Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, was worse because he considered Trump less intelligent. Soon, however, Obama became horrified by Trump’s policies. “He’s crazy. Big donors are influencing him and want something in exchange for the huge checks they wrote,” Dufferi quotes Obama. He kept saying, “I didn’t think it would be that bad.”

When it became known that Trump was calling Russian President Vladimir Putin and other politicians and talking about the Russian election scandal without any listeners, Obama said, “This corrupt bitch.” His wording was more stringent elsewhere: “I never thought we’d one day become a racist, sexist hog (as president).”

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