Home Tech The new Zelda amiibo annoys some users

The new Zelda amiibo annoys some users

The new Zelda amiibo annoys some users

Nintendo has planned a new, high-definition version of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Switch, which will release on July 16 and release on July 16. Can already be pre-ordered directly from Amazon. Now a new amiibo has been introduced to him.

Amiibo “Zelda & Wolkenvogel” will appear at the same time as the game, and as usual, it will also unlock a bonus item in the game. However, in this case it is a feature that some players consider important. Nintendo describes it like this:


“Zelda & Cloud Bird” -amiibo can be used at any time when exploring the upper world and in the dungeons to return to the sky. If players then check amebo again while in the sky or visit one of the many floating islands above the clouds, they return to the previously visited location.

The function saves time and thus some are alarmed that it is not implemented naturally in the new version, but needs to be activated with Amiibo for a fee. So this amiibo offers more than just a few rupees or simple additions, it brings a whole new functionality.

Not an easy discussion, as this job wasn’t originally there and you can now argue whether Nintendo should offer it for a fee (yes, you also get a plastic number). I don’t find it too tragic and I suspect this move won’t affect the sales numbers either.

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