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From Sarah Petzold
With the leak already hinted at, there’s now near-confirmation from Crytek: It’s clear that Crysis 2 is getting a remaster. But the question remains: Is there enough interest?

Crytek is likely already working on reconfiguring Crysis 2. This originates from a tweet the developers posted on May 20, 2021. The tweet contains a text phrase from the opening sequence of Crysis 2, thus harassing the switch directly.

Remaster despite powerful mods?

Previously, in November 2020, there were tangible indications that Crytek was working on Remaster versions of Crysis 2. And 3 works. These happened in the internal documents of the developer, which were leaked to the public at the time. This information came after the release of Crysis Remastered in September 2020, causing disappointment among fans. PC game editor Felix Schutz described the reboot as a “missed opportunity” in his testing.

In this context, DSOGaming’s John Papadopoulos rightfully asks how good Crysis 2 remodeling has ever looked. After all, the developers released an HD texture package for the PC version of the shooter including support for DirectX 11 long ago. Additionally, there was a longtime mod that greatly improved Crysis 2’s graphics.

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Can Crysis Editor 2 top the look of the PC version including the mod? Maybe a little at least. However, shooter fans shouldn’t expect any heights, because with the mod, Crysis 2 really looks good. So who ever needs a Crysis 2 remaster? The graphically enhanced version can still be of interest to console players. We’ll have to wait and see how good it will look in the end and whether the purchase is really worth it for Konsoleros.

These: Go DSOG Games

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