This week there is another important match in the plan for golfer Bernd Weisberger. South Bergenlander is hosting the PGA Championship in the United States. Not one of the favorites of South Birkenland.

According to Bernd Weisberger, the competition, which began on Thursday, has returned to a key point in the early stages of his career. The tournament is held at the Kiova Island Golf Resort on the east coast of the United States. The native of South Bergenland played his first major golf tournament, the 2012 PGA Championship.

Nine years after the first big matches

Nine years later, Weissberger expects his best result so far. So far, the PGA Championship 2014 ranks 15th. The notorious Dodgemanstorfer worked with his coaches on advance technology in Bergenland. If possible, these should be reflected by the end of this week. Weissberger is also concerned with the right attitude during the match.

The fun should come back to the fore

“I like to try to keep expectations as the biggest starting point for me and my team – especially on Sundays, when coming to venues – in the background and enjoy the fun of the situation a little more,” says Weisberger. Birkenlander began his first lap after 1.30pm on Thursday.

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