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Whatsapp: New message thread makes false promises

Whatsapp: New message thread makes false promises

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Whatsapp thread: false promises in messenger

WhatsApp changes: More data goes to Facebook

WhatsApp changes: More data goes to Facebook

In the future, WhatsApp messaging service will share user data with its parent company, Facebook. This includes phone number and user interactions.

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Every Whatsapp user has likely received a chained message at some point. Now a new species is in circulation. You have to know that.

Berlin. There were chain letters long before Whatsapp messaging service A revolution in digital communication. But because messages can be sent to a large number of contacts in real time and effortlessly, spam messages have become more frequent – and even more annoying.

Most of the supposedly nonsense messages: they promise, for example, that something good will happen to the user if they forward the message to ten contacts. A similar one Sequential message Currently she is also doing the rounds on Whatsapp, as reported by the Mimikama Association to Educate People about Internet Misuse.

Message thread announces: Whatsapp will be charged

The message says Whatsapp free messaging service will soon be charged a fee. Such as Newsletter It was around many times before – but it never was true. Depending on message sequence, you should be able to avoid costing one cent per message if you forward it to ten contacts. Then the WhatsApp logo will be blue as well, as promised the threaded message.

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Mimikama gives all the clarity: Whatsapp will not load – The blue coloration of the logo has not yet occurred. Ultimately, the chain letter is an annoying but harmless message Was safely ignored Maybe.

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Chain letters: annoying and dangerous at times

However, spam messages are not always harmless. Some of them also contain links. If you click on this, you risk ending up in an expensive signup trap – or your smartphone having one. virus To infect. Therefore, users should carefully consider which messages they can trust via WhatsApp that they cannot trust. (Curriculum Vitae)

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