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Tatiani Katrantzi celebrates the return of the series

Sudden comeback in "Between us": Actress Tatiani Katrantzi joins again after 23 years.

“Unter Uns” surprising comeback: Actress Tatiani Katrantzi returns after 23 years.

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Actress Tatiani Katrantzi is returning 23 years after leaving RTL early evening series “Unter uns”. You still know her classmates.

Surprise return on “Unter uns”: Tatiani Katrantzi (46) returns to RTL evening series 23 years after leaving, As reported by the radio on Thursday. The Athena-born actress, who was married to actor Oli.P Petszokat (42, “Good Times, Bad Times”), played Jennifer “Jenny” Turner from the first episode in 1994 to 1998.

What’s next for Jenny in the series?

After Jenny drifted across the world, she returns to Cologne for professional reasons. A perfect opportunity to turn into Schillerallee! Especially her then-best friend Corinna Weigel (Nina Weise) can’t believe her eyes when Jenny suddenly stands in front of her. Husband Chris Weigel (Jan Oman) also expressed his happiness with this surprise visit. However, daughter Cecilia (Karina Koller) warmly welcomes her mother’s old friend. What does she have against Jenny?

Reunited with exactly one colleague

Since her debut with “Unter Uns” there is only one cast member still today. “The only person I know from the cast is Isabel Hertel, with whom I also have to play scenes. I’m really looking forward to that,” says Katrantzi of the 47-year-old actress who played Ote Kiefer. Waigel divorced, Kern and Fink) embody her. Katrantzi continues that the return to the set is beautiful and exciting overall. “I’m just curious to see how everything has changed.”

The new episodes are currently filming with Tatiani Katrantzi and should be shown on RTL beginning August 3 at 5:30 PM.


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