The association adopts a bill to enable the use of the health permit until the summer of 2022

Noise and rage on a bicycle. The third “Health Vigilance” bill that addresses the issue of the five-month pass-through was adopted overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. At the end of the electrical debates, the National Assembly gave the first green light for the controversial possibility of using the health permit until July 31. The text will be presented to the Senate on October 28.

Stuck between a scrutiny of the state budget and the Social Security budget, the bill was adopted by just ten different votes (135 in favor and 125 against) after two days of debates marked regularly by the passing of arms and vetoes in the circulation. Situation in France overseas, age measures on health permit, end of free tests, state of emergency considered fatal to liberties, suspension of caregivers, change of majority positions in the scope of application of the card before and after July 12, etc.: the right and left have given a voice against the government administration to the crisis. “Repetition is useful,” said Olivier Veran, the Minister of Health who never skimps on scratches.

Post-crisis plan until July 31, 2022

Presented as a “tool box”, the bill proposes extending the use of the health permit, a tool hated by a minority of the population but adopted by a large majority of the French people, and a whole set of measures to curb the epidemic as part of the post-crisis system until July 31, 2022. Extension of the state of health emergency in Guyana until December 31, 2021.

As uncertainty hovered over a hypothetical lifting of the pass in mid-November, government spokesman Gabriel Atal dampened enthusiasm on Wednesday after the cabinet: “Today, given the situation, I don’t see how an amendment could be made on November 15th. Extending the health passport for eight Months, by the executive branch, by the “stretch” of the presidential and legislative elections, it is in any case howling right and left.

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The association also adopted a government amendment related to knowing the vaccination status of pupils by school principals or secondary school principals. The measure aims to “facilitate the organization of screening and vaccination campaigns and the regulation of educational conditions to prevent the risk of the spread of the virus” and thus the eventual closure of classes.


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