Home science Against colorectal cancer, a month to encourage screening

Against colorectal cancer, a month to encourage screening

Against colorectal cancer, a month to encourage screening

This disease affects 43,000 French people every year. It is the second deadliest cancer in the country. When diagnosed early, colon cancer is curable in more than 90% of cases.

Screening participation in Peregord decreased from 32.5% during the 2020-2021 campaign to 26.6% for the 2019-2020 period. During the launch event, Vanessa Richer, MD, coordinator of the New Aquitaine Regional Coordination Center for Cancer Screening (CRCDC-NA) in Dordogne, welcomed a slight increase, even if, in her view, it was still very inadequate.

“We help at our level”

With the help of the 24 branches and 300 volunteers of the association, the entire department was mobilized. The “Little Soldiers”, as Catherine Galvanion likes to call them, are invited to publicize the association, but also to provide financial support. Bernadette, a resident of Périgueux, wanted to attend the launch party. The volunteer helps out at the Verteillac branch. « She testified that by organizing parades and shows, we are helping on our level.. Homemade cakes will be sold during various events. The money collected will go to the league.

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What is chemotherapy?

What is chemotherapy?

After cancer is diagnosed, chemotherapy — or “chemotherapy” — aims to kill cancer cells wherever they are in the body. Including those not identified by imaging scans,” the National Cancer Institute (INCa) confirms.

Thanks to the poster campaign, the structure targets sectors affected by the digital divide. Catherine Galvanion said the goal was to “meet lonely people”.

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