The Education and Science Union has called on teachers in about 30 Berlin schools to go on strike. To do justice to all children, substantially smaller school classes are needed, says Ryan Bloser, author of Fritz-Curzon-Schulz in Newcoln-Brits.

Just before the summer recess, the Senate administration was called in for talks, Bloser says. “Now we expect them to start talking to us, which is why we are on strike.” So far, the Senate Department has not been responsible for funding, says the teacher for political education and English.

Small classes are required at all levels

Teachers are demanding smaller class sizes than before. Classes are fully packed at all levels. “To do justice to all children, to encourage all children and to achieve high school status, there is a lot to it,” says Bloser.

Reductions are therefore requested for all types of schools. “We want socially disadvantaged districts to pay special attention, especially to small classes and children with special needs,” says Bloser. However, the teacher insists that the classes be prevented from getting bigger.

Bloser: “Education is not a priority in Berlin”

“Berlin is building schools very slowly and training very few staff,” Bloser said. He has no idea that politicians are making great efforts to build schools or hire more teaching staff. “Education is not a priority in Berlin, it should be.”

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