The final trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie “Eternities” is here – it’s so hard! Video editor Sebastian looked at it meticulously and reveals everything about Celestials, Divyants and Eternals in his analysis.

The final trailer for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster “Eternities” (Theatrical Release: November 3, 2021) is here, but offers a lot of action, celestials and deviants and many more answers compared to the quiet first trailer: The Avengers Why did the Eternals not intervene? Sebastian Kertzhikov, a Filmstarts video editor and Marvel expert, took a very close look at the trailer in his video analysis.

That is why the “eternities” ignored Thanos

After the first “Eternities” trailer, fans were confused. Because if the mighty Marvel heroes around leader Ajak (Salma Hayek) have been defending the Earth for thousands of years, why didn’t they act when Loki, Ultron or Thanos hit the Earth? The new trailer finally gives us the answer: Ajax & Co has been instructed to protect humanity from their creators, the Celesteels, but with one caveat:

Only “eternities” are allowed to intervene when the Divines threaten the Earth, and this is not yet the case in the MCU.

Who are the stars, eternities and distractions?

The stars were cosmic beings like God, and they experimented on humans, thus creating eternities and divines. The latter will serve as the guardians of the earth at first, but the Divinites have become morally degraded, so the Eternal were sent to protect mankind from those powerful creatures.

The leader of the galaxy is Arisham, who appeared in the new “Eternities” trailer:

Disney and its subsidiaries.

“In the Eternals” der Space Arishem

There is also a green sky in the trailer, which may be Jemia. He seems to be creating something between his palms. Sebastian already has a theory of what it is. However, we are already heading towards spoiler territory. So if you want to know more, you can see everything else in the video above.

In the following video, Sebastian, in addition to a few minor edits, mentions a major misconception about the villain Thanos that arose after the new “Eternities” trailer:

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