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Taliban bans “immoral” films with women


The extremist Islamic Taliban movement has been applying its fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law in Afghanistan since it came to power. Nor does it stop at film and television content.

in a Afghanistan It has a radical Islamic ruler Taliban Far-reaching restrictions imposed on television content. Television stations are no longer allowed to show films or series in which women have played an Islamic role or role. Islamic Law or conflict with Afghan values. This is what was stated in the instructions of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which were issued to television stations on Sunday. The ministry’s spokesman, Muhammad Sadiq Asif, confirmed the directive on Monday.

According to the instructions, the broadcasting of local or foreign films that spread foreign cultures and traditions in Afghan society and cause immorality should be stopped. In addition, no one should be offended in entertainment programs. Presenters or reporters are also allowed to appear, but they must wear an Islamic headscarf.

Turkish, Indian and Iranian soap operas are especially popular in Afghanistan, while American soap operas or films are shown less frequently. The country’s conservatives and clergy had already repeatedly criticized these programs, in which women choose their husbands themselves. It is said that the series seduced young people. Satire programs are also very popular in Afghanistan. The weekly broadcast, for example, discredited the previous government Aschraf GhaniOr corrupt officials or the military.

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