Patrick Moster, a cycling officer, was sent home after being traced to racism during a time trial. The announcement was made by the German Olympic Association (DOSB) a day after the incident.

“We are convinced that he publicly apologized for the racist remarks he made yesterday. However, by trespassing on this track, Mr Moster violated Olympic values. This was preceded by the “detailed consultation of the delegation leadership and the updated investigation of the person concerned” as announced by the DOSB.

During Wednesday’s men’s interrogation, the 54 – year – old cheered on German driver Nikias Arnd with the words, “Get the camel drivers, get the camel drivers, come on.” Prior to Ernst, Eritrean Emanuel Keprekshapier and Algerian Assedin Lagab were on track in the fight against the clock. Calls were clearly heard on the television broadcast.

Criticism from all sides

Moster, meanwhile, apologized for his behavior. “We are here at this time with the heat of the moment and the overall burden. I missed my choice of words. I’m so sorry, I can only sincerely apologize. I do not want to insult anyone,” the cyclist said. However, he did not want to take any personal consequences. Instead he continued his work in cycling competitions on the track that started on Monday.

Logab, insulted by Moster’s shouts, expressed his disappointment at the German officer’s apology. “Well, there is no camel race at the Olympics, that’s why I’m going cycling. At least I was in Tokyo,” Locke wrote on Twitter.

Arndt showed himself from “horror” and statements from the sports director Publicly set aside. Maximilian Schchmann, a professional cyclist who was on trial with Arndt, was harshly critical of the reports.

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Delayed reaction from DOSB

The World Cycling Association condemned UCI Mostar’s behavior, and PDR President Rudolph Scorping announced that he wanted to work on an “unacceptable” statement after the Games.

German cyclists who were not at the start of the Olympics also spoke. “On the one hand, I understand all the athletes who say nothing about it, because they are afraid that if they express their opinion or they are no longer nominated for a European Championship, World Cup or Olympics they will be on fire.” Rick Jabel example on Instagram. “Personally, I do not understand why BDR or DOSB did not have immediate effects after this behavior.”

Looking at the incidents and reactions, German sports officials gave themselves plenty of time to make decisions, and only responded after 24 hours.


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