During the match in Mainz, Anthony Modeste had to be replaced due to injury, after which the FC striker fell victim to cyber hatred. The Frenchman has now posted several offensive comments by one user.

Sunday evening was a pain for Cologne’s best striker Anthony Modestake. In the match at Mains 05 (1: 1), the striker (eight wins) was replaced with injury after a mistake made by Mainz player Stephen Bell shortly before the break. Modeste left the field in tears and was backed by FC supervisors.

But what happened after that was even worse. Modeste was badly offended by an Instagram user.

Among other things, he wrote to Modeste the following: “It’s good that you got injured …”, “I hope your football career is over, damn guy!” Modeste posted the average message and sender. He wrote: “How can you be ???????”

Most of the comments were positive and many users wished the striker a speedy recovery.

The FC striker, who was fully scrutinized on Monday, is expected to play in the derby against Borussia Monchengladbach next Saturday. “I’m fine,” Modestay announced Sunday evening.

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