Home Top News Bank of Russia can control Slovak power plants, the government protects – EURACTIV.cz

Bank of Russia can control Slovak power plants, the government protects – EURACTIV.cz

Bank of Russia can control Slovak power plants, the government protects – EURACTIV.cz

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A Russian bank can control Slovak power plants, and the government is defending itself. The Slovak alarm sounds. They are quickly drafting a law preventing the Russian bank Sberbank from controlling Slovensky Electronics, the country’s largest electricity producer. The bill, written by Economy Minister Richard Sulak (SASS), provides for the repurchase of shares in owned companies Important infrastructure will be subject to government approval. (Irina Genkova | EURACTIV.sk)

Brussels News

We are behind in digital. EU chair Ursula van der Leyen said the EU was still lagging behind China and the United States in investing in key technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. To fill this gap, the Commission plans to use 20% Redemption fund, which is about 150 billion. (Samuel Stolton | EURACTIV.com)



Vaccines are not yet effective. The German Ethics Council, the government’s main advisory body on infectious diseases, said any ban on vaccinated Germans should not be lifted for the time being. Is not yet clear Vaccinated people can no longer spread the virus. (Sarah Lawton | EURACTIV.de)


Most French people do not like the Western Balkans in the EU. According to a new survey, a total of 59% of French citizens do not view Western Balkan access to the EU. One in four respondents said they were coming Such an extension did not greatly affect his life. (Matthew Pollet | EURACTIV.fr)


Irish MEPs call for transparency of vaccines. A group of six Irish left-wing and liberal MEPs addressed a letter to its chairman, David Sasoli, calling for “excellent communication and accountability on the part of the Commission” on vaccine procurement agreements. He argues that the Commission should be more accountable in this regard. (Samuel Stolton | EURACTIV.com)

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Damage accumulation. British fishermen count the damage caused by Brexit. They now face a difficult bureaucracy when exporting seafood, which costs them time and money. Fishermen’s associations have complained to British MPs about the current situation, and instead the government denies their problems She tried to help. (Benjamin Fox, EURACTIV.com)



European ministers call for respect for human rights in sports. At the urging of Finland, EU Sports Ministers called on EU Commissioner Maria Gabriela to ensure that the Union respects human rights not only in sports and inside and outside the EU, but also in sporting events. Currently, the most controversial hockey championship is from Belarus to Latvia and Qatar is scheduled for the 2022 World Cup. (Becca Wundinen | EURACTIV.com)


“Go for Putin’s money,” Navalny’s ally insisted. According to Leonid Volkov, a Lithuanian collaborator close to activist Alexei Navalny, imprisonment will strengthen his popularity and provoke further protests against the Putin regime. In an interview with news agency BNS Volkov, he called on European countries to freeze Russian state assets. Its leaders spend dirty money in Europe. (Benas Kerticinas | LRT.lt/en)



Poland is going to reduce emissions. The Polish government has approved a new energy plan for 2040. The plan includes a 23% renewable energy target and 30% of the country’s energy conversion Reducing emissions by 2030 compared to 1990. (Monica Mojak | EURACTIV.pl)


How would you behave if your child had a homosexual orientation? He had to ask such a question in an interview with a German newspaper Stern Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban responds. The Prime Minister replied, “This will be a great test, but God has not yet saved me. Of course, my wife and I will love our children regardless of their orientation.” (Vlakislav Maximov | EURACTIV.com)

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Fresh air for the aerospace industry. The Spanish government, trade unions and employers’ unions in the aviation sector have agreed to an emergency recovery plan to maintain productivity and save thousands of jobs in the country’s major aviation industries. This will be important Spanish branch of European manufacturer Airbus. (Fernando Heller | EuroEFE.EURACTIV.es)


Regeneron and Eli Lily got the green light. The Italian pharmaceutical company has approved the Covit-19 drugs manufactured by the American companies Regeneran and Eli Lilly. The drugs act on the basis of monoclonal antibodies and should relieve the symptoms of Govit-19. (Daniel Lettick | EURACTIV.it)

Athens / Nicosia / London

How to solve the problem of Cyprus? Flexibility and Compromise – This is the key to solving the Cyprus problem. This is what British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb thinks after his meeting with his Cypriot opponent Nicos Christodoulits on Thursday. He called on all the tents of controversy to reach a final settlement. In particular, it is a regional division of Cyprus that currently consists of two main regions – the southern, mainly the Greek Republic of Cyprus and the northern Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus. (Alexandros Phodiotis | EURACTIV.gr)


Belgrade / Zagreb

Croatian investment in Serbia. Marco Adek, chairman of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the annual trade between Serbia and Croatia is worth about 1 billion euros. Nearly 900 million of them were invested in Serbia by more than 1,000 Croatian companies. (EURACTIV.rs | betabriefing.com)


Bulgaria is preparing for the next wave. Bulgarian health officials expect a further increase in Govt-19 cases. Warning experts arrive three days later The government decided to relax some measures. (Krosen Nikolov | EURACTIV.bg)

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Commission criticizes Romania’s recovery plan. The European Commission is dissatisfied with the proposal for a Romanian recovery plan, on the basis of which the country can draw on a new recovery fund. The plan does not anticipate reforms, but only brings a list of plans The government wants to pay from the fund. (Bokton Nagu | EURACTIV.ro)


Croatian parliamentary parties call for better copyright protection. The Govt-19 epidemic hit the creative sector hard. The Croatian parliamentary parties have therefore called for a strong defense of the rights of teachers, artists and publishers. The new law should provide them with better protection, This is currently being debated in Parliament. (Treljko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

L. Jublajana

End of regional traffic lights. The Slovenian government has decided to change its anti-epidemic strategy. While restrictions have been imposed so far at the regional level, the entire country will now be marked in red. (Treljko Trkanjec | EURACTIV.hr)

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