Home Top News Busy around Mars. “Countries want to belong to a unique space club,” explains the popularizer

Busy around Mars. “Countries want to belong to a unique space club,” explains the popularizer

Busy around Mars.  “Countries want to belong to a unique space club,” explains the popularizer

The diligence of the American spacecraft that landed on Mars in February has many highlights. Unlike other studies, it landed directly on Mars without previous brake orbit around the planet. It has brought many unique scientific tools to the surface and its goal is to find life on the red planet.

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Aeronautical engineers also keep their iron on fire during this work. A small ingenious helicopter with a robotic vehicle landed on Mars. It is a technical demonstrator that aims to test whether a plane can reach Mars using an impetus.

“The atmosphere at the landing site of the perseverance is very low. It is similar to the density of terrestrial air at an altitude of 35 kilometers above sea level,” said Dusan Major, head of the Cosmonautics CS server, who popularizes space.

Arab Premier

The Al-Amal spacecraft is one of the smallest bodies orbiting our neighboring planet.

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“After burning most of the fuel during the initial ignition, we are talking about a body weighing seven to eight hundred kilograms. This is not much, but he is not only the first explorer of Mars, but any other planet, not only the United Arab Emirates, but the entire Arab world,” Duson Major explains.

The United Arab Emirates has teamed up with Japan to produce al-Amala, which means trust. It gave them its H2 rocket, which launched the spacecraft into orbit last Tuesday. Production advice and facilities were provided by American experts.

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A camera and two spectrometers were fitted in this study. Its mission is not to land, but to orbit the planet and make weather measurements “among other things.”

The Chinese go full-time research

Major describes the Chinese study as “unlike the small al-Amal, Tiananmen 1 is such a ‘corpse'”. She initially had five tons.

They are basically three studies in one. This orbit, which has been orbiting Mars for two years, explores, photographs, and more. In addition, the study includes a landing block and a vehicle, Major says the split will probably not happen until the end of May.

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At the moment, China wants to identify the best place to land based on images from orbit. Since this is China’s first mission to Mars, it is very unusual for it to attempt to land on Mars.

“The vehicle may do some contact research to put another piece of information into the mosaic of knowledge about Mars, Duson Major concludes.

There will be more and more trips in the future. Other states are considering conquering Mars. Among others, for example, India or Israel. “They are drawn there by the opportunity to be part of the exclusive space club of the conquered states. It should be remembered that so far only six countries have been able to reach Mars.” Milan Halusek explains.

However, so far only the United States has been able to successfully land on the surface of the Red Planet.

Listen to the full Leonardo Plus produced by Ontiz Novak.

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