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You fill the career with the lowest pay you have and the rest of the pension. Collaborate with them on the advice of the Czech economist Piketta


That’s not the way you can. According to Thomas Pickett, they should say goodbye to the model in which they serve as a supplier to the German economy.
Author: Reuters

When you look at which economist the world is asking for the most, you will find Thomas Pickett in the top three. At least according to the Educational Influence Server. If each new book by one of the leading economists was compiled according to what caused the excitement, how much was discussed, and how long it would take, Pigetti would undoubtedly be number one. He became particularly popular in the capital in the 21st century, in which he criticizes the world’s highest property inequality, which for him heats up democracy. “In Central and Eastern Europe, wages are very low. This is a socially unsustainable situation,” he told PICETA in an exclusive interview with HN, the Polish newspaper Degenik Gazeta Pravna and the Slovak newspaper Sme.

HN: Were European countries the first to face an economic epidemic? I’m talking about openness like companies or forced support by drunken individuals.

We did a lot, but we didn’t have a VC. Albe. There are many gaps in favor of people affected by the epidemic. For example, those who work full-time are more likely to follow up with those who are casual or self-employed.

HN: Economy plays the role of TV. Could it be an ibopandemic?

In the long run, this will be a time. But tko ct, if it happens. The role of the economy in history has gradually increased. Before the first wolf, tax revenue was less than one-tenth of GDP, and today it stands at 40 to 50 percent. This situation has been the same for some years.

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