Suzuki Jimny Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit 8 Video: Suzuki Jimny mit Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit!

Suzuki Jimny Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit 8 Video: Suzuki Jimny mit Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit!

Is the “real” Mercedes-AMG G63 too big and too expensive? And is just thinking about the Brabus 800 Widestar ridiculous and completely unimaginable? Then maybe this Mercedes-AMG G63 version is an alternative to ensure your wallet stays put. Because this car is actually a Suzuki Jimny, which actually “Brabus G800It’s called. A Mercedes-AMG G63 mini clone has far more From just one whole Widestar-Bodykit, because everyone is too the interior Jimny with special BRABUS ingredients armed.

Fake Brabus G800 Widebody-Kit & mehr…

  • Body kit all around with Brabus grill and logo
  • “V8 Biturbo” logo and “800” lettering behind the front fenders
  • AMG wheels
  • Gray paint
  • Sidepipes
  • Interior with fully lined leather interior in Light Brown, leather-covered dashboard, new steering wheel, Alcantara headliner with starry sky

Suzuki Jimny Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit 2 Videos: Suzuki Jimny mit Fake Brabus G800 Widebody Kit!

And in terms of the new generation of Jimny, the combination is just one of many ways to transform the Japanese. Because if you wish, you can at any time turn the small off-road vehicle into a copy of the “ordinary” Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco or Mercedes G-Class. We’ve also seen a 4 x 4² variant. And the version of the video does it on Brabus Brabus 800 Bodykit, the new rimsAnd Sidepipe-Sportauspuffanlage And leather. Even BRABUS logos are mounted all over the place. Of course everything, usually in the Far East, regardless For any legal aspects regarding plagiarism and Co. against Brabus! We don’t know exactly, but we calculate the body kit for the tuner FCSC (Express Car Service Center) from Dubai to.


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Suzuki Jimny mit Fake Brabus G800 Widebody-Kit!
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