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IKEA: Customers must be fast – these are being phased out

IKEA: Customers must be fast – these products are being phased out

IKEA: The Furniture Store Success Story

IKEA: The Furniture Store Success Story

Swedish furniture store chain Ikea is very popular among customers in Germany. More and more furniture stores are spreading and sales are increasing. Ikea generated €5.325 billion in retail sales in Germany in the just-ended 2020 fiscal year.

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“last chance!” These words should IKEALet the customers sit and take notice. Because soon you won’t find some products in Swedish furniture stores.

IKEA Apparently planning to remove various items from the range. Customers should now be fast!

IKEA: Customers must be fast now – products are being launched out of range

According to “”, these are lamps from the “Gunnarp” and “Floalt” series. Because both “Gunnarp” ceiling lights and “Floalt” light panels will soon become Ikea history.


Some facts about IKEA:

  • IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943
  • There are 433 branches around the world
  • Various franchisees operate Ikea branches in individual countries
  • Ikea has 211,000 employees worldwide


Ikea: the furniture store announces to customers

In the online store, Ikea tells its customers and writes a note about the products: “Last chance! Only available for a short time. ” Lamps have been an integral part of the Ikea range for two years.

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But the aforementioned tip now points to the end. According to, there has been a similar procedure for Symfonisk in the recent past. This was removed from the display after the info line and replaced with the rear tweeter.

It is not yet clear if Ikea will also have the later lights for “Gunnarp” and “Floalt”.


More about IKEA:

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Ikea customers are now receiving a completely different message. Prices are also rising at the furniture giant. More about it here >>> (JHE)

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