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iOS 14.8 and co. protect Apple customers from Pegasus attacks

iOS 14.8 and co. protect Apple customers from Pegasus attacks
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Today’s Apple updates fill a gap that may have been used, among other things, by the malware Pegasus spyware to spy on politicians, activists and critics of the system. Apple has since provided more detailed information about the nature of the vulnerability and how to fix it.

Tonight Apple has released updates to iOS 14.8, iPadOS 14.8, macOS Big Sur 11.6, and watchOS 7.6.2 to all users. These updates address a serious security issue, as Apple previously mentioned. Now there is little information on this topic.

Closed gaps, among other things, in CoreGraphics, Apple is including them in one corresponding Support Document About security updates for its software. This is particularly interesting in light of the discovery made by the Canadian Citizen Lab. Security researchers there have repeatedly exposed government agencies’ attacks on activists or representatives of the press, including recently.

They described in detail how the Pegasus spyware from Israeli software company NSO was used by various countries to spy on a number of heads of government, journalists and human rights activists, Apfelpage.de reported.

A loophole in WebKit . has also been closed

This vulnerability, which is fixed today, was in a mechanism that, among other things, was supposed to make Apple’s iMessage secure. Blastdoor is supposed to ensure that received iMessage messages cannot have an impact on the recipient’s devices with the help of a sliding code, but this protection can be undermined by a vulnerability.

Another vulnerability was in the Apple Webkit browser engine, which has often been the subject of urgent patches from Apple. As these vulnerabilities were of particular interest because they were already under active exploitation, a hotfix was urgently pointed out.

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