Unidentified men destroy Johannes Church in Stuttgart (Archive)
Built: Image Alliance

Strangers tear down benches from their anchors, smash windows, and throw Bibles into the church. The Lord Mayor of Stuttgart speaks of the “act of darkness.”

U.S.Noted criminals entered the Protestant Johanneskirzek in Fூர்rci in Stuttgart over the weekend and destroyed more than 20 windows, some of which had significant stained glass.

The benches were torn from their anchors and Bibles were thrown through the church, police announced Sunday. The perpetrators also sprayed fire extinguishers. In addition, they would have broken open the gallery door.

Lord Mayor of Stuttgart Frank Knopper (CDU) spoke on “the act of blind destruction and cultural disorder”. He condemns this “act of darkness in the midst of Advent.” Police have estimated the property damage at several thousand euros and are looking for witnesses. A police spokesman said there was no further information Monday morning.

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