Nicholas 2021: What do we celebrate and why do we put gifts in shoes?  - Consultant

Traditionally, children put their shoes in front of the door on the evening of December 5 – hopefully Nicholas Fill them with gifts.

But where does the habit come from, of all things? shoes or boots* (M) Do you sometimes wear socks?

The legend of Nicholas

Nicholas is one of the most revered saints in Christianity. In the Catholic Church, he is often called “the helper in need”; Orthodox Christians describe him as a “miracle maker.” From a historical person’s point of view, it is only certain that Nicholas was bishop of Myra on today’s Turkish Mediterranean coast in the fourth century. His remains are venerated in the southern Italian port city of Bari.

Even the early adoration of Saint Nicholas in Myra was for his kindness. It is said that he generously distributed his wealth to the needy.

Legend has it that he also helped three daughters of a poor man. Without money for a dowry, he could not marry his daughters, so they were threatened with life on the street.

When Nicholas discovered this, he threw nuggets of gold through the girls’ windows. Girls can happily marry.

In order to be as generous as St. Nicholas, people later did the same: they threw their children on St. Nicholas’ Day gifts* (DISPLAY) to. But in this way of distributing gifts, small gifts were neglected.

Because the older and older kids caught the gifts.

So people started packing gifts into containers to give to children. But in the Middle Ages, especially among the poor, there were very few vessels that were not filled or were only needed.

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That’s why the idea arose, children’s shoes or shoes stockings* Use (ad) to wrap gifts until the next morning.


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