This is what the new DS4 offers

Stellantis’ subsidiary DS makes a fresh start in the compact car segment. The new DS4 is based not only on French ingenuity, but also on increased electrification. Does it also come as a pure electric car?

From November, Stellantis Group’s new DS4 will compete against cars such as the Audi A3 or BMW1. The predecessor was in the program until 2018. The DS4 is closely related to the Opel Astra and Peugeot 308, but they are better equipped and equipped with more powerful engines, becoming the most expensive compact model in the family from 28,900 euros.

Beaten on the outside, creamy on the inside

The DS4 is being offered as an obvious combination of a hatchback, sedan, coupe and SUV. The car is 4.40 meters long and has wheels up to 20 inches in size. While the DS4 wants to attract attention on the outside with its three different fronts, distinctive daytime running lights and plenty of accessories in chrome or black, the French rely on restraint on the inside: a few switches around the digital screens and several quiet surfaces in elegant materials should make the difference in the competition, so The manufacturer.

Wide drive range. In addition to three petrol and one diesel from the start, there are also two plug-in hybrids. In a good two years, the DS4 should also be available as a purely electric car.

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