Supermarket: sexy Aldi cashier is causing a stir with videos

Cashier Aldi Elaine Victoria got about 10 million likes using TikTok upon checkout.

Screenshot: youtube

Sexy Aldi cashier causes a sensation with a video: feedback follows instantly

Hamburg cashier Aldi has gained international attention with his 12-second TikTok video. Although she does little else in the video, the pretty Eileen from Hamburg has turned a lot of heads.

Aldi cashier grabs headlines around the world

She is really eye-catching on Instagram and has around ten million likes for her sexy look on TikTok social media platform. With her video of her Aldi check-out, Elaine Victoria made headlines around the world.

as “RTLHe writes, international media lines: ‘Aldi working Allen Victoria has been dubbed the ‘hottest cashier ever’ or ‘Who is Elaine Victoria? TikTok makes Aldi cashier go viral” (“Who is Elaine Victoria? TikTok makes Aldi cashier go viral”).

Funny reactions on the network immediately follow

The internet fast has funny vibes up its sleeve. From the long queues at the cash register to the bus driver who remembers having to stop at the supermarket for a moment, it’s all on offer. Even the competition from Rewe, Penny, and Lidl reacts: some joke with the cashier, others introduce their beautiful employees themselves.


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