Huge Podcast Update: Subscriptions start in May

This will be the biggest podcast update since Apple introduced the standalone program in 2012 – Apple CEO Tim Cook announced it and it’s not promising much. Because now Apple has started a whole series of innovations for podcast fans and podcast makers.

The most important innovation is subscriptions to Apple Podcasts. They initially started in 170 countries and regions. It will now be possible for Apple as a listener to financially support their favorite audio programs. Individual subscriptions are priced individually by the podcast makers and, according to Apple, are “usually billed monthly.” This still leaves room for speculation as to whether there will also be other billing options. Annual bills are also available in any case.

Family sharing paid podcast content

For the paid channels, too, there will be free trials and trial episodes. Nobody should buy a prick pig, but they can listen first. You can also share subscribed podcasts via Family Sharing.

What is offered as paid content, like price, is in the hands of podcast owners – it can be exclusive content not only available behind the checkpoint, but it can also be an early access to new episodes. Or freedom of advertising compared to programs that were previously funded by ad ads. Apple introduces a new tool for podcast creators with which to manage subscriptions and add-on content. But that’s not free for podcaster – $ 20 a year is due. Creators can subscribe to Apple Podcasts Connect today Subscribe to the Apple Podcasters program.

Subscriptions start next month

The new service was introduced with iOS 14.5. Subscriptions will begin in May. Apple has not announced a specific date.

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Tim Cook said, “We offer a subscription to Apple Podcast that allows you to unlock new content plus additional benefits like ad-free listening, early access, and more.” “Now is the time to help your favorite podcast creators build their businesses and grow their creativity.”

It’s no secret, of course, that Apple is now interacting with competitors like Spotify through their podcast program. Especially since he said some time ago that Spotify had struck a nerve with its offerings to podcast producers, and thanks to the exclusive selection of podcasts on Spotify, more users hear episodes more regularly than Apple’s former podcast leader.

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