Since Sofia Tomala (32) and tennis star Alexander Zverev (24) announced their love to the public at the beginning of October, they have openly shown how happy they are together. A kiss on the sidelines of a tennis match here, a passionate love meeting there. Now the 32-year-old presenter goes so far as to talk about family planning with her loved ones.

In the video above, we show you the photos in which Sofia and Alex showed their love in public.

This has something to do with her lover’s romantic career, as revealed by Thomala on the MDR talk show “Riverbot”. When Alex Zverev made a public declaration of love for her during his victory speech on the sidelines of the ATP Championships, she “definitely touched him” “Such a situation nor that a man stood up and said something in public. I had to swallow first.” The guys she was with before were great “across the board”, but they were also “macho”. Alexander Zverev is different.

Sofia Tomala wants to “travel a lot”

This is one of the reasons why she would fantasize about a family with him, if not immediately. “I’m at a point in my life where I think it’s really inappropriate,” she admitted on the MDR show. “I have a lot to do, the year is coming up and I really enjoy doing my job. I also like to spend my time with my friends extensively, and I still like to travel a lot.” Maybe in two or three years it will be different, after which she would like to have a family of her own. “But at the moment, I’m very happy with the way it is.”

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According to Thomala, the way she handles a relationship in public is completely new to her. “From the beginning, there was so much focus on the topic that you couldn’t get around it. And then, saying, ‘I won’t say a single note’ makes no sense, because it will be reported one way or the other.” She used to be more secretive about her private life – “and I was also more afraid.” Why is the 32-year-old talking about her new love today? “Now I am completely free from fear. What do you say? Once the reputation was destroyed, I became completely unfettered.”


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